This Sad Life Called Depression

16 Sep

This Sad life Called Depression
Tackling Depression At Monash University
By Charlotte Chatukuta
Friday 15 September 2011
Walking down to residential house four you notice a tiny crouched figure sitting at the basketball courts obviously unaware of the stares that are being passed to her. Her thoughts are obviously in a world of her own but if you move closely towards her she does not even notice your presence but you notice a tear or two falling down from cheeks. This individual may be sad for a day or most probably suffering from depression But how does one suffer from depression at a university? Mostly this is from exam stress, problems fitting in socially, not being able to cope from a high school setting to a university setting and financial problems
Depression is termed as a state of a low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s behavior, thoughts, feelings and physical wellbeing. It is also termed as a chemical imbalance. Mostly sufferers will feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable and restless and many lose interest to things that were once pleasurable or experience problems with concentrating, remembering details and some may attempt suicide.
Mr. Kissmore*a Zimbabwean art student a sufferer from depression said he is depressed because it has been so hard for him to interact socially with others as he cannot make new friends and all of his classmates seem to have girlfriends while he is just a lousy loner and loser. This has greatly killed his self esteem as he is shy and excludes himself from others. He also said he has to juggle between school and work as he pays his own school fees so he never gets to rest or act his age as he is forced to grow up early.”I am not like all those rich kids who have everything “He said “I have to work to buy food, clothes and to pay for my school fees by myself.”I am so tired and I hate my life for my problems he said.
He strongly believes he does not need any modern medicine or counseling as he thinks he does not have a problem or he will go for spiritual cleansing.Mr Dashendren Reddy a student counselor at Monash said they have a considerable number of students who suffer from depression. He said, “Mostly depression comes as student are not able to manage their time wisely, are afraid of exams and having financial problems, We do not offer medicine as we do not see this as a medical problem but rather as a psychological problem.”To him Monash has managed to tackle depression as a problem as a very little number of students drop out every year and many manage to beat the problem.
Mr. Arthur Mhlanga a second year psychology student said that,”depression is a disorder that makes one to be unhappy or to feel helpless.” and he also thinks that counseling is the right medicine for depression and students who are suffering and need emotional support. Mr. Paul Berger a professor at The Center for Human Bioethics at Monash says Monash as a university has managed to tackle depression to a higher percentage as they offer exam stress busters, meditation classes and resources, and study, motivation,time management and stress(SMART) and they provide resources such as self help fact sheets 24 hours emergency contacts and mental health organizations.Depression is a social problem that needs everyone at Monash to participate and help make sufferers beat the condition.



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