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South Africa still denying the Dalai Lama a visa

6 Oct

Old Man No Visa For You

And South Africa Still Says No To The Dalai Lama Application

6 October 6, 2011

By Charlotte Chatukuta

Tenzin Gyatso the Dalai Lama a religious and spiritual leader who was supposed to attend the birthday party of fellow spiritual leader and friend the aged bishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu may not after all attend the birthday party he was scheduled to attend as the South African government has been denying him the visa into the country. Speculations have risen that this is because of the close ties that are arising between South Africa and China as the Dalai Lama has been living in exile in India after fleeing from China as he is a leader of the Tibetan uprisings.

Apparently this is not the first time that he has been denied the visa by South Africa in 2009 he was denied again and this year his application has been pending since August and thus resulted in him withdrawing his visa application. What can take a visa application that long if South Africa wants the Dalai Lama in the country? South Africa has been condemned by the Human Rights Watch over the Dalai Lamas visa refusal. South Africa is denying the refusal blaming the Dalai Lama for not using the original copies of his passport and withdrawing his visa application.

The Noble Price Committee has been protesting in favour of the Dalai Lama to be granted access into the country for his Saturday speech in Cape Town. Mr Thabo Masebe the government spokesperson says there has not been any application received but Mr Clayton Monyela a spokesperson for the department of international Relations and Cooperation said they received the application and they are still considering granting it.But would south Africa deny The Dalai Lama a visa unless they are covering up their ties for a relationship with the Chinese one has to wonder whether tea and cupcakes will be shared between the Dalai Lama and the Bishop?


He is the next gospel music sensation.

3 Oct

Shalom:He is the next gospelsinging sensation

A holy melody in the making

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By Charlotte Chatukuta

02 October 2011

The first sound you hear is a melody coming from the piano and a burst of a voice so clear it touches your heart and when he starts singing in church people throw money at him as they just cannot resist the blessed voice of Shalom. He is known as a music sensation at Monash with a voice of gold Abiathar Shalom Dambeni is heading towards a bright musical future. Known by many with his stage name of Shalom. As one of the praise and worship leaders of choir at Revival International Ministries he is doing wonders for the church. Coming from a musical family it was not hard for him to find his own feet musically; his sister is recording an album. He started singing serious in high school where he learned the piano and the African drum of which he is so passionate about. He listens mostly to gospel music and derives inspiration mostly from the Holy Spirit and gospel gurus like Kirk Franklin, The Winans and many more but he says he likes to sing in his own unique way. He writes and sings his own songs mostly but also sings hymns. As he is a student aiming for a degree he is not going to go professional as he does not want his musical career to go in the way of his school work.”I want to get my degree first.”He said.

He believes Monash has a lot of music potential, “Guys like Mon Christ and guys in my church are headed for the best and if they make it then the music world of gospel is very bright.”He said. He practises daily in his room as he has a piano and at church choir practise. Miss Onesisa Sibanda a neighbour said that Shalom is very talented and she looks forward to hearing him everyday practising from his house.”That boy has talent.”She said, “His voice just touches my soul and reminds me that God is real every time.” She said she believes he is the next gospel music sensation and will make waves.Mr Ronald Mupazviriwo a student at Monash said he heard Shalom singing when he visited the Revival International Ministries church and could not believe what he heard.”Looking at him I did not think he could sing but when he opened his mouth I believed it.”Miss Balesihle Ncube a fellow church member said she looks forward to his performance every Sunday as Shalom’s voice blesses her very much.”Shalom is definitely going to make it big.”She said “He has made the church choir very interesting.” Shalom said he wishes he could just relies an album tomorrow but that cannot be as this requires great practise and sacrifices and he has to wait for a year or two for the perfect time to unleash his voice to the world. Having heard him sing in his interview there is definitely nothing to stop this blessed man of Gospel from making it big and the sky is definitely the limit for him.