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22 Mar

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Storage blues solved

Abound Builds More Storage Vessels

By Charlotte Chatukuta

22 March 2012

Abound self storage company is in the midst of building new self storage tanks in a bid to curb storage blues for Monash students and local residents. Construction is in progress with almost half of the storage cases having reached completion. This will help students to store their belongings at the end of the year as previously students had to carry their belongings as far as Magaliesburg.

The manager at Abound Storage Company stated that they had received complaints from students that their storage vessels were not enough so they upgraded and demolished previous storage houses. He went on to say, “Foreign students were the most affected as they have no relations in South Africa, therefore we are the ones who cater for them.”

Promise a construction worker who spray paints and forklifts said that they are building new vessels and he has been working for Abound for nearly ten years said that they mostly cater for people who live nearby. He also stated that they buy the best materials for their storage vessels Melusi a supervisor at Abound is in charge of checking for breakages, customer care, problems inside the storerooms and upgrading of the storage vessels stated that goods can be kept for as far as five years. Once students do not pay they are given three months notice and if they still do not respond the goods will be taken to auction.

Anesu a Monash student who is of Zimbabwean nationality is happy about the changes that are taking place at Abound as he has been having problems with storing his belongings at the end of last year 2011.”Now we can store our goods near and easy “he said, “We have been having problems with keeping our belongings as there was not enough storage space at Abound.” he continued to say. Storage prices vary according to individual likes and they start from three hundred rands per month and they have to be paid before goods are taken into storage. The manager stated that their goods never get stolen as they have guard dogs and guards to keep the vessels.”We have these ferocious dogs to keep watch for thieves that way customer always get their goods and belongings when they need them.

Apart from storing household goods and clothes they also have trucks and buses for rentals to ferry people to and fro. This new step has been welcomed by students as the storage blues will be gone.


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